F1 2020 (the restart)

Glad there’s a safety car, race was already over with Hamilton so far ahead after 1 lap.

Pit stop strategies now done. Procession coming up. Need rain!

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Looks pretty clear

Farken Hamilton. Lucky bastard.

That was a bonkers finish

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Front lefts going left, left and center

It was hilarious.
Hamilton got so lucky.

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Highest finish for Dan at Renault no?

Red bull pitting after Bottas blew his was silly

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Well done DanRic getting 4th

Yup equals the Monza race last year for him.

He was probably a lap away from finishing second.

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It was a crazy decision by Red Bull to pit verstappen on the second last lap to get an extra point for fastest when Bottas punctured the lap before and a small chance that Hamilton would suffer the same issue in the last 2 laps which of course happened.

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Bottas another year in the merc.

Congrats Lewis Hamilton 2021 WDC

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Makes sense for Merc, perfect stable pony.



Understandable though

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