F1 2020 (the restart)

boggles the mind that drivers are going on holidays though.

F1 2020 MyTeam players will appreciate this being spammed at racing point today

Looks like it’s the Hulk

I’d love nothing more than the Hulk to get his first podium in this fashion. It would be perfect

Certainly won’t look good for Daddy’s boy if the Hulk can come straight in and stick the Pink Mercedes on the podium.


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The racing point reserve driver would have to be fuming

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It’s probably Stroll’s sister

He’s racing elsewhere this week.

This your song intro. Get me a bucket…

Glad there’s a safety car, race was already over with Hamilton so far ahead after 1 lap.

Pit stop strategies now done. Procession coming up. Need rain!

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Looks pretty clear

Farken Hamilton. Lucky bastard.

That was a bonkers finish

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Front lefts going left, left and center

It was hilarious.
Hamilton got so lucky.

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Highest finish for Dan at Renault no?

Red bull pitting after Bottas blew his was silly

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Well done DanRic getting 4th

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