F1 2022 Danny Ric is in a fluro papaya car

for those that followed their racing sim streams, norris is very charismatic.

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Im not really. Looks like it’ll be Merc and then daylight. I really hope I’m 100% wrong.

I’m sure at least some of them are great guys!
And I love watching them race, and actually Hamilton has one of the less punchable ones.
I just mean their faces. I don’t know why they all look like that.
I mean Kyvat and Norris.
Come on…

reckon ur projecting a bit wimm.

Well, I don’t know what you call it…


And received a penalty for, down to 5th from 2nd.


Wish I wasn’t working.

Soooo pumped

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almost ready!

Verstappen has almost stopped on the track!

Hope that’s the end of him.

Bye Max

DanRic is dead too…sigh

Bye Dan

Dan got problems now

Dan out

Bye Lance

Yay Mercedes. /s

Daddy bought me a race team is out.

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