F1 2022 Danny Ric is in a fluro papaya car

I’m kind of barracking for McLaren now, have a good year and Dan jumps into a good car again next season


Bye Kevin

Box box box

I’m just following the times online.
Did something happen to bunch them all up?

Kevin brake failure, safety car deployed.

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Ending this lap

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Safety car for Magnusson, just lost breaks and went off at the end of T1

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Vettel spins!

Drove into Sainz rear wheel.

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Hope there’s some racing.
You know, proper.

Cop that Vettel

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4-7 is interesting

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Will they make Bottas yield?

Mercs having some issues with the corners

Mercs racing grey lines and are still 11 seconds ahead of Albon

Bye Roman

Bye George

Safety car. To recover George.

Feel sorry for George, get him in a good car and he’s a title contender

Albon, Norris, leclarc pit.

And seb… Lol.