F1 2023 Danny Ric is in a kinda red bull

9pm race start?

What is this sorcery


UK watchers already spooking about the early start!

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and 9:07 race finish

ver per sai, book it in

(lec dnf)

angry dutch noises

If what Russel did isn’t against the rules it should be

who knows, maybe “don’t overtake in pit lane” was assumed to be common courtesy and wasn’t explicitly in the rulebook

should still give him a “carn champ” 5sec


I just hope they keep crossing to Mike Krack

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This is just Monaco in a new skin

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Pretty sure that utter flog Ted Kravitz just exposed himself for the shameless cheerleader he is with his “oh yay Lando” comment. What an absolute twat.


What a shambles haha



Need a UK VPN to see. Will hunt for others.

There we go.

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Hands down the worst race of the year so far. Absolute snore fest.

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that was madness - track officials (?) went to sleep.

who knew F1 cars may now need to add a horn

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it certainly became a real procession post-safety car

closest action was the two Ferrari’s holding off Alonso and Hamilton, but they did that comfortably enough

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Come back Latifi!!! :rofl::rofl:

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An unusual race at Baku which is usually a good circuit which produces good races with lots of action.