F1 2023 Danny Ric is in a kinda red bull

That was off the charts good that session.

Today is the best f1 day of the year, tomorrow is the worst.

Good to see Oscar through to Q2. Getting closer to Lando

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Great to see Oscar do well.

Alpines look like they’re going to finish high in the grid.


.018 of a second :man_facepalming:

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Incredible times atm, far out

Wowee boy oh boy! Big ■■■■ Max :eggplant:

Amazing qualifying. So lucky not to kill the car in that last corner.

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That was an incredible session.

They’re all brilliant.

Except Stroll

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Max in for a big celebration if they win


Well nothing happened at the start. Awaits a good crash.

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OMG an overtake!

This track should be taken off the F1 circuit. It’s just boring.

Will definitely be at Jimmy’z in Monte Carlo.

Watch from on board then.

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If Perez wants to be world champion he should take out Max. Zero all. Doesn’t fall further behind.

And he missed the opportunity.


LOL Stroll.

Probably as good a race as you can get from this joint

Points for Piastri.

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Personally, I just like admiring the super class of Max. I thought his race at Miami was pretty good, but to maintain a 25sec lead, in a circuit that demands respect for the wall, and for the majority of the race, is an exceptional effort.

team radios - looks like rain

team radios - yep rain should be coming

team radios - mmmm should be rain coming

team radios - how’s the rain?

team radios - yep should be rain in 10-15 laps

rain comes and mad scramble for intermediates

rain did make the conditions very interesting

Red Bull and Max just way way ahead

I haven’t been the biggest fan on Monaco (or Max for that matter) in recent years but watching Max fight those tyres on that track was seriously impressive.

Now I can get back to hoping he DNFs every race for the rest of the season.