F1 2023 Danny Ric is in a kinda red bull

If his team had brought him in then he might have won.

Wasn’t the issue that where he was on the track didn’t allow them to bring him in for the cheap safety car pit stop?

I thought it was they didn’t want to lose track position.

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yep - that’s what i meant. By the time he could come in to pit he would’ve dropped back too many positions.

Not really. Red Bull pitted Perez from second. They didn’t want to give up being first on track.

Doohan with F2 pole. His F1 FP1 run probably helped. Mick is a proud dad walking the pits.


Ferrari crash. Drink.


Yes Oscar :+1:t4:


Doohan with the win in his last F2 race.


Will be interesting to see what he does next year. Full year as the Alpine reserve I guess but he’s got to be hoping Ocon keeps ■■■■■■■ people off. I can’t see him getting a seat outside of Alpine.

Only Sargent seat looks like possibly becoming available.

There are quite a few F2 drivers that will leave and become F1 test / standby drivers only.

Piastri also did that if I’m not mistaken.

Piastri had a far superior resume though. My only concern is that while sitting out a season there are a new batch of F2 drivers showing what they can do. Hopefully being embedded at Alpine is an advantage and keeps him front of mind.

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Pastri had the best junior career of everyone not named max. In fact on paper it’s better than max if you ignore that he skipped streight to f1. Pastris junior career rivels Leclerc and russell