F1 2024 Danny Ric is in an advertisement that kind of resembles Toro Rosso

They saved new mediums for both drivers
They had two cars performing faster than any other
They had cars that handled the wet better

They should have been listening to the commentary about double stacking and all would be good in the world.

Pretty sure Lando dug his own grave with the soft tyre choice too

they ■■■■■■ oscar, they let lando ■■■■ himself

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In my news feed I get daily updates reminiscent of the 10 years of weekly headlines about the state of Lleyton and Becs marriage/ divorce. No, not about Posh and Becs, or Harry and Meghan, but about whether Danny Ric is taking a seat at Red Bull, or what Helmut / Christian are saying .

I have had it for 4 to 5 months. No more. Finish already. Just tell me the truth, when it happens either way.


They have given Perez a deadline (next two weeks) to improve for constructors points or he is out. Then they decide whether they move DanRic up there for the rest of the season to get points, or give Lawson a go immediately and hope he can get points, or put Lawson down at RB and then swap he and Dan at seasons end.

" The next two weeks could be amongst the most important in Sergio Perez’s F1 career, as all sorts of speculation swirls about his future.

Just two weeks and two races are left before the mandatory summer break kicks in, a period of time Red Bull has used on numerous occasions in the past to bring about change in their team’s driver line-ups."


Why wouldn’t they just chase Sainz for the RB slot next year?


It’s what I’m thinking RB should do.

Also, Ferrari should have got rid of LeClerc instead of Sainz.

Actually, they should never of gone for Hamilton and kept their existing drivers.

Personally, I would. But he has been at Red Bull before, perhaps there is some history.

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He and Max don’t get along, they butted heads a lot at Toro Rosso, a big part of the 2nd driver job is working with Max, it’s why they won’t promote Tsnoda. It’s why Dan is still in the hunt, to date he’s the driver that’s had the best relationship with Max, on and off the track


Don’t remember Sainz and Max clashing.

That would explain it. Sainz the poor bastard is going to end up at a crap team.

Actually to think of it, it was Snr and Jos that clashed

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they wanted lewis for strategy ideas

captain-coach setup

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Haas are building a nice dossier of questionable driver choices.

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Yeah cause Jos is a massive a-hole.

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Anyone else flinch with the onboard into the barrier?


George and Perez

Danny Ric!


Danny Ric!!! :astonished::crazy_face:


P9 is good.

Yuki got some air.

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