Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!


Don’t eat heaps but not really. Too much cheese used to give me wild nightmares


Ugh. I wrote a longer one but no point. If you eat a lot of meat you’re probably eating more soy than me. But that won’t make you a girl or a softy. It may help you get better though, if you get it minus all the growth hormone and ■■■■ you’ll find in factory meat.


We changed to Soy milk for a while, and i got used to it (takes about 2 weeks) and dont mind it.
but after a while due to cost factor went back to milk.
Yes I was concerned about the man boobs/female hormones, but I guess then the other option is to give up milk entirely or have less, I only usually have it in cups of tea.
Now we just have soy milk if its on sale. Its definitely a lot more main stream than it used to be.
And it tastes way better than almond milk.

My favourite meal is marmite and butter on toast.
I think Butter is probably the hardest food for me to give up if I had to give up all animal products.
Although a lot of people say cheese is often the hardest.

But yeh we have eaten a lot more vegies over the past few years, but its all a balance, cost, time food preparation, setting a good example for kids, buying australian made/produced

My 5 year old understands that fish fingers come from fish…and once he understood I wanted to give him the choice.

The trends for Coles/Woolies for the next 5 years indicated more $$ spending on vegetariain/vegan products and meat alternaltives.




well partly :slight_smile: breadcrumbs etc


I started using olive oil on toast a while back and once you get a technique going (drizzle bottle) it’s a pretty great substitute, and if you believe the Romans it’s not terrible for your longevity either. Olive oil and vegemite is a cinch, and I never would’ve thought it but honey and jam go really well too. Like non dairy milk the change is actually pretty easy and soon you start appreciating the new flavours enriching your old traditional fare. You don’t really need to let go of habit foods/bevos.

Also the home brand style soy milk, if you’re on a budget, isn’t terrible, just kind of neutral, and can be a lot cheaper than milk.


with a little bit of salt and this is a nonnu speciality from wayyy back


Yeah, pretty elementary really. Good for you, tastes great, people have been doing it for thousands of years. What a tree the olive!


I think as a vego you can still get what you need, much harder as a vegan though, you basically have to take supplements.


Luckily EtOH is not derived from animal products so we can be blissfully vegan in this respect. (Until of course some PITA picks up on some technicality).


Are vegans allowed to eat leather?


You think they will try and chew their way out of their gimp masks?


Was wondering what they would think about a boxing glove.
As it travelled towards them, say.


I ate one of these in NYC last year and it legit sucked balls.


Being a vego I tend not to suck balls much, so was it good or bad Mcdavalds?:thinking:



Do tell …




Yeah, you put your foot in it there, man.



I’m comfortable with my choices


So that would appear to be the opposite of what diggers is after.

Strange thing to do