Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!


Haven’t followed this thread, but I assume this is relevant


Currently going for near $13 at my local Richies which works out to more the a $1 a ball, and seriously, they’re OK, a bit heavy on the spice, but they sell them O/S for a fraction of the price. Highway robbery, I mean they used to transport people to OZ for less. Which brings me back to my perennial complaint about lack of local competition for fake meat, one of the fastest growing markets around. Anyway…
PS I’ve one bag left in the freezer I picked up when they were on special for $9 but honestly it was still a rip off.


Yep, there’s a killing to be made, pun unintended, for someone to do it well and under the boutique bullshizen pricing here. Until then the Chinese grocer is your friend


Or make it yourself of course



Tasted earthy.

Kinda like grassfed beef.