Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!


The Linda Mac mozzarella burgers are the best I’ve encountered. Even some of my meat eating relatives have admitted to enjoying them. Woolies stock them if you’re looking for an alternative.


They’re seriously good, as are the other ones. Guessing they’re not exactly the leanest veggie burger out there but chances are there’s plenty of good fats in there. Defy a meat eater to not enjoy one. The pies and sausage rolls are pretty good too.


So long as the carbs aren’t through the roof and the fats are real I’d be up for it.


When can we get the chicken nuggets grown from a feather?

I thought they were made of feathers already.


Burn in hell (with my char grilled bbq pork rack)


We can 3d print that for you!


Personally I like my menus printed and my food grown.


I hear ya. Unfortunately part of decarbonising will involve the ending of the beef and dairy industries.


Even if it tastes as good, is cheaper and better for the world?


I’m old, I’ll be dead soon enough. You guys can print all the dinners you like.


It will end up happening. I’m mid 30s, and I reckon when I tell my grandkids that we used to drink cows milk and ate steak all the time they will be astonished


I’m early forties, and I have irritating mid thirties friends that are astonished I do it now.


I believe you are allowed to murder them, and claim justifiable homicide. Police probably wouldn’t even press charges, as they scoff down a Big Mac or two.


Has anyone my side of the V line tried the Tofurky stuff? Just turned up in the local supermarket and it’s expensive, but is it any good?


Had the brats, pretty good as a brekky saus, very good in a saus curry. Largely organic ingredients, definitely a healthier option as the faux dogs go. Bring on the footy, some big franks in the line as well.


Down here in beautiful downtown Balnarring Richies, the franks are going for 9 bucks a packet. Probably a quarter of the US price. There is a serious niche for Oz based fake meat entrepreneurs. The local product is seriously limited.


Yeah for sure. I’ve spent a lot of time in the States and for all the nonsense they do things well when they get their teeth in, especially ‘alternate’ lifestyle stuff. Sheer population there I suppose but you’d reckon the demand is sufficient here now that a quality local product would go down well. $7.50 for the Franks here at Woolies incidentally, no doubt an introductory price. If you can find them, can’t recall the brand, but Cowgirl Steaks are ■■■■■■ good cooked right and with a good sauce.


Cheers, love feed back on this stuff because I’m 10 years vegetarian but I was brought up on meat.
Our go to product for stir fries is the Whole Perfect Vegie beef chnks, a Chinese product we tend to get in Springvale, maybe a bit salty for some but I like that, and the go to mince is the Quorn product which is British, pity there aren’t reasonable OZ alternatives.


Some of the Asian stuff is great if you can find it. Beef chunks etc. good to have a bit texture in there and not have to rely so much on mushrooms/beans etc if you’re after a big protein meal.


Went to the Baseball in Phoenix a few months ago, they serve Vegan Hotdogs at the game… I was impressed they were that open minded and obviously had a market for it.