Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!


They sell raw milk in vending machines in France, the home of cheese. Grew up on raw milk myself and buy bath milk when I can to drink.

Homogenized milk is a processed food, all the enzymes, good bacteria and God knows what else is [email protected] up by the process of frying the ■■■■ out of it for the sake of ‘health’.

We are a mummy state, sometimes I wonder how great grandma survived… only for the human race to cause itself so many other problems in the process

As for your tofurky, I’d rather a Hesten fruit bowl made of tripe


My daughter is vegan and she’s a big fan of it. I’m not because I pay for the damn stuff.


Ok, I’m up for a crack at this stuff.

I’m in Melbourne, point me in the right direction as to where to buy something that’s better than steak, and I’ll give it a try.


Nev, tinhill, you’ll have to find your own way, not getting drawn in to this guff.


Personally I prefer my food to have two parents.



A couple of weeks ago the shared office where I work had a function at which they provided food. I didn’t realise but all the food they serve is vegetarian, which I don’t necessarily have an issue with. But they had these vegetarian “chicken nuggets” which I tried. Absolutely awful! Why bother?


Some are good some aren’t. People like the form factor, otherwise why bother with ‘real’ chicken nuggets which are often bits and pieces of leftover calf and fowl guts? You also need to get used to different things. I hated avocado as child now I love it. People eat snails.


Some people eat snails.


Some snails eat people.


No, wait… That’s tigers.


Some snails eat tigers.


Only very fast snails.


Snails liberated from their mobile homes are the ones to watch.


“Rich, creamery butter…”


None of your fake meat is as good as my Texas smoked brisket or beef short ribs.


Shame we have to live in in a fake world so you can eat it.

Yes, I bit, sue me.


Trump meat.


Know why you don’t see any tigers slower than snails? That’s why.



I have no idea why it’s called The Snails here, its title is The Quest for Black Claveringi, and I apologise for the format.
Perhaps a better version can be found.

Same author of the Talented Mr Ripley series and Strangers on a Train.