Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!


Quorn is a very good meat substitute. Unusually, it is mycoprotein based, so technically it is not a vegetable and thus does not have the “vegan/vegetarian” stigma attached to it.

Brown lentils are excellent as a mince meat substitute. But jeez don’t eat those, you might be branded a vegetarian and ostracised.


I tried Quorn Nuggets, didnt rate it that highly and still comes in packaging etc
like its edible yeh.

My little boy ate a couple of nuggets, but didnt really rate them either.

I think best advice for everyone is to still eat meat, but consume a lot less.
Have some meat free dinners.
Smaller cuts of meat when you do eat it. Like have a chiken stirfry with 1 chicken thigh rather than 2-3 and jsut add more rice/veiges.
Smaller pieces of steak and more vegies.

And when you are making curries etc, think that you are a Chinese/indian restuarant owner and dish up more onions, vegetables, rice, curry and not much chicken or beef. :slight_smile:


Chuck a sh!tload of hot sauce on anything, and it makes it edible…and allegedly reduces your risk of bowel cancer.


It amazes me how cheap steak is given how ecologically costly it is. And only getting worse with global warming.

Roo is mega sustainable (here), chicken, pork and lamb not bad.

There’s a huge leap from no beef, to no meat at all.


I ate at a place called ‘The Alley’ in St Kilda Road last year and the fake burgers were amazing.

So yesterday i bought the best of the best fake meat patties from a place called Smith and Deli in Fitzroy. https://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/fitzroy/shops/smith-deli
It was $14 bucks for a two pack!

Once in a bun they tasted great and the kids loved them. Outside of a bun you wouldn’t touch it.

We are also trying things like using half mince and half beans in spagbol.

Hopefully a few little things like this reduce our meat consumption so we can still smash a 300gram T-bone and not feel too bad.


anyone tried Beyond Meat burgers yet? https://www.beyondmeat.com

i remember reading about it ages ago on a flight. seemed like a pretty cool idea at this time.


God knows how these joints justify $7 for a vegi pattie, you can get decent beef ones for about $2ea


No, but I reckon the Linda Mac Mozza burgers at $5 for 2 in most Woolies are the best I’ve had.
I agree with the earlier comment on Quorn nuggets but the mince is a staple at our place and the cheese and spinach schnitzels are reasonable and regularly on special.
The Gardein stuff is pricey even when it’s on special but I like the meatless meatballs.
Overall the price we pay compared to the Yanks is a disgrace and for the life of me I can’t work out why local mobs aren’t all over the business opportunities on offer in this burgeoning market.


That’s the one we had last night.
7 bucks a pattie.

Was tasty but the economics of catering to a large group aren’t great.




I don’t care if it’s horse.
They taste good and they’re $8 for twenty.


Just imagine eating a burger that wasn’t all meat.


Maybe the vegetable based food products are high in price because they know there are ideological vegetarian/vegans out there who will happily pay.

Although I eat meat regularly, I actually don’t much like the feel of animal fat all stinky, and grippy on the inside of my mouth.

When eating meat a lot of people smother it in sauce to modify the taste, right ?
Why when they eat fake meat do they all of a sudden expect to eat it without any sauce to modify the taste?

Is it just a way to be able to say you tried it but you didn’t like the taste?

We really need to get rid of the idea we actually have not eaten a meal if it doesn’t have a meat component.


As long as I don’t have to hear the veggies cry when they’re killed, it’s all good :slight_smile:


If they’re crying, they’re the wrong type of vegie. And it’s probably not the PC term to use, either.


They’re something else. I haven’t checked the awful truth calorie wise but they’d have to be a bit on the fat bastar.d side. Unlike most others you could enjoy them on their own too


Agree on this too, they’re all over it in the US, at least in the blue states


Had chicken breast tonight. Free range. Not sure WTF they been eating, but the breasts were huge, almost looked like they were going to burst.

Will def try some fake meat, eventually,


More likely antibiotics.


Free range implies they aren’t eating antibiotics.