Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!


Free range means they’re not in a cage.


I’d have thought that was organic, among other restraints.


Cooked a stir fry tonight with Whole Perfect Vegetarian Beef chunks, a Chinese import, and frankly they are as close to the real thing as I have encountered. Cost around $9 a bag but it’s a big bag, 600g, and you’ll find them in Chinese grocery stores (I’ve got them in China Town in the city, Mr Mama in Malvern East and in Springvale.) Great in stir fry dishes, especially if you’re not keen on tofu. Might be a bit salty for some but I love them.


"Does not contain Beef :wink: "


Checked the coles webpage, and not much there. Looks like beef and pork are antibiotic or growth stimulant free. These breasts looked like they were full of water


Are they Vegan?


I make pretty amazing stews with that stuff. And if you’re too lazy, as I am most of the time, to make your own seitan, it’s great for borgouinon - for the wintertime its madness. First had it in a famous little veg restaurant in middle of Paris, got home and determined to master it


According to the label it’s soy and mushroom with sugar salt and pepper.


Frankenfood, It boggles my mind how anyone would eat this garbage


I see the bait but it smells like rotten flesh and shi.t. For many vegos, a few months after they give up meat that’s what it starts to smell like. It boggles my mind how I ever put that stuff in my mouth.

Works both ways, no need to call what I eat rubbish when it’s healthier, better for the planet, doesn’t involve egregious mass slaughter, cruelty etc. and it tastes ■■■■■■ great.

And I just took the bait🤪


‘but you’re killing all the animals that wouldn’t be if everyone was vego’


Look Mate I’m on your side, I really am and I understand you rising to the bait, I used to when my meat obsessed relatives felt the need to tell me how irresponsible I was to eschew flesh, but in the end this sort of social media provides two sorts of posts, uninformed provocative brain farrts and anecdotal accounts of genuine experiences. The former I can do without, although it was easier when you could block serial op ed wankkers, but the latter provide often reliable tips on what and where to get decent fake meat, which I eat on a weekly basis.
So anyway, I’ve got some fake duck in the freezer, what should I do with it? Stir fry probably, but what sort of vegies? And do I serve it with rice or noodles?


Can’t help you with mock Daffy, too gamey for me. The off season is bringing out the worst in Blitz, I’m guilty as charged!


I understand your ethical and health reasons for going veg, and there are some genuinely good veg meals, especially in Indian and Chinese cuisine.

But what I don’t understand is why true vegetarians, as opposed to those making the transition, want fake meat.


Blur Blur Blur Blur Boring boring boring . Google it and see what comes up if you can be bothered. I’m over it. Unless of course you have some idea of what to do with faux duck seitan.


My apologies, my comments were more aimed at the corporate elites that are pushing this Soy/Frankenfood agenda and not you personally, though that wasn’t clear. I know a few vegans and they are good people well intentioned.

A few points I’d like you should consider, how could horizon to horizon Wheat, Corn, Barley and now Soy fields kept that way by oceans of pesticides. herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers and destroying the original eco-system, possibly be good for the environment? That’s before you get to its massive carbon footprint, which is strangely never talked about

98%of all soy is Genetically Modified, not to increase its very poor nutritional content, but to increase its resistance to pesticides and herbicides and allow it to be grown in harsher climates.

Do you really believe that Nestle, Unilever, Kellogs and our old friend Monsanto the companies behind the recent push for soy Frankenfood, really have yours or the planets best interests at heart?

While Soy is very low in nutrients, its not low in Xenoestrogens, I;d do some research on that and its effects on males in particular before you start eating it.

I followed the “The good food pyramid” for 30yrs and ended up fat and type 2 diabetic. one year on a Low Carb, High Fat diet with lots of red meat. I lost 30kgs and reversed all my Bio-markers for Diabetes.
I think you are absolutely right that there is something seriously wrong with the modern diet ,but Veganism/vegetarianism is not the answer, certainly not for me and is unwittingly helping the Big Food and Chemical companies who are to blame.
I hope your diet works for you and sincerely wish you all the best on your food journey
Regards Mental


No, of course you didn’t direct it at me, just bombed it long into the pack for…some reason. Have a read of this and good luck with your health conditions, that is a bug.ger but I’m not sure a high meat diet is a long term fix mate. Not even going to bother with the soy = manboobs myth, crikey Mental!


Can anyone who eats a bit of tofu confirm if it gives you weird dreams? Without fail I, and the rest of the family have bizarre dreams after we have eaten tofu.


Have you tried stuffing it with pork mince and farce, then frying it in lard?


Can’t confirm, as most of the tofu I eat is washed down with copious amounts of grog. :grin: