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Hello Bomberblitz,

It’s been a while. I’m sorry if this isn’t the appropriate place to post, but I want to get the word out there as much as I can.

Essendon FC News on Facebook was a page that myself and three other members ran. Yesterday, Facebook deleted the page without warning & with no way of retrieving the page. We had 22,000 likes that have now gone. That’s about 4 years of interacting and regular posting down the drain. We’re trying to get the pack back up and running. If you were on this page and would like to give us a like again, please do so here:

I can’t stress how much it sucks to lose the page. Supporter pages offer such a different angle to what the Official Club page does, and I think they’re important to a clubs culture and fan engagement.

Anyway, please move if the Hangar isn’t the right spot. We’d appreciate a bit of leniency in getting our page back up and running.

Thanks - EFC News team.

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Why are Facebook doing this? They have done it to quite a few others as well.


this is quite a handy page to follow too. Annoying to lose all that history!

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Correct, we aren’t the only ones.

We’ve only spoken to one other page, but there’s no consistency in what they post compared with us which makes me think there’s no proper reason. Doesn’t help though. The page had 4 years worth of posts and history on it. A video with 275k views. A post with half a million people reached. We’ve lost that now :frowning:

Yes, there is general purge of all pages that may be associated with right wing extremist and hate groups. All that FarkCarlton may have given you away.