Fantasy NBA 2017/2018


Conargo Bulls is me


Steez Merchants is my team.

Looks like I can’t set a lineup for tonight’s games? Hoping that is at least the same for everyone else!

I’ve had a reasonably successful draft for my rebuild - picked up Ayton and Trey Young, who (along with Doncic) were top of my board. Also get a look at Begley, Hield and Isaac. Collins stays from last year.

I’ve still got Leonard and Butler who are disrupting my tank-job, so if you’re around with a serious offer, I’m ready for it.

Edit: My team is going to be so bad this season. Even @TrevorBix will likely finish above me.


What do you want for Ayton???


It’d take a lot mate - I’m in hard rebuild mode. I won the league in 16/17, fell apart last season and traded away CP3, and now Ayton basically exists as the centerpiece of a new team. I don’t know what you could give me that would be worthwhile, but if you’re going to get crazy, I’m listening.


Who has the Charizards? I want to PM you to talk through the trade proposal you sent over.


bye first up is an anti-climax.


Yeah I agree, I don’t think that has ever happened before.


We have a trade! Hopefully one that gets some discussion in this normally quiet league.

Eggs trades

Deandre Ayton, Marvin Bagley III and a second round pick


Fogdog for

Tobias Harris, Blake Griffin and a first round pick


Jeez you sold out on the rebuild quick Eggs.


Why not have both! I get Fog’s first next year, and I think there is a reasonable chance of that being in the top couple of picks. Harris is only 26. Dwane Casey might give Griffin a new lease on life.

Ayton might be a generational talent, and even if that is true this can be a win-win trade.


@fogdog got his man!


We have another trade!

Wangaratta Heat trades

Lillard + third round pick


Spearmint Ryanos for

Drummond + secound round pick


I needed a PG and had a few decent bigs so I felt this was good for both sides


Can someone please tell me which scoring system we use??


9-cat. Games are decided by how many of the 9 categories you win in a week (FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, TO).


I think the Ryanos win this. Lillard is a more productive fantasy player, likely a top 10 guy, and the difference in the picks doesn’t make up for that.

Drummond is undoubtedly keeper quality and three years younger though, which certainly has value in a keeper league. And BJ can afford to part with a point guard. Not in desperate need for a center though.


should it be a 7th pick for an 8th pick? :slight_smile: due to how yahoo keepers are set up?


I agree I’m giving up a bit more - but Lillard’s production wasn’t a fit with what I’m trying to do as I’m tanking FT. The ppg difference will hurt in the short term.

Drummond is three years younger too which was a big part of it too.

On another note - putting Lonzo Ball on the trade table.
Would like a ready made contributor now - not willing to wait the 1-2 years for Ball to come on.


yes - so whatever picks we end up having (after we set if we want 6 or 7 or 8 keepers) I’ll get his second and he’ll get my third.


I didn’t realise you were punting FT - this makes it a way better trade from your perspective. And is a strategic approach that I doubt any of the rest of us are taking.