Fantasy NBA 2017/2018


How often do you have to set your team? I’m finding every day Isaiah Thomas and Dirk Nowitzki end up in my starters after I put them on the bench the day before.


You can set a week in advance easily with the new yahoo settings, and I tend to check it every morning, particularly on big game days. you can download an app like fantasy pros and set notifications for your players which makes it easier to keep an eye on injuries


So when do the trades go through??


There’s a couple of days to give the league the option to veto trades. Bagley looked good last night!


How do waiver requests work for the season start? Is it based on team finish last season? Should it be the lower the side the higher their spot in the queue?


Yes it’s initially based off last season’s finishing spots. But it resets I think if you pick up and drop a player.


Currently offering Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith Jr. and my first pick in next years draft for Lebron James and a later pick.

LBJ is on the Charizards who I think are rebuilding, and I’m going for it this year so trying to shed project players.



Seems like it could be a bit win-win. LBJ will have a good few years maybe not team wise but individually.


I’m hanging for some players to come back. Portis looked really good before his injury. Boogie will be huge help after the all star break. Happy I took Luka with pick 1. He looks legit.

Oh and I’m happy I held onto Randle. I nearly cut him for Fultz!! lol


I really wanted Fultz a couple of years ago when I had pick one, happy I didn’t get him - not sure he’ll make it as a fantasy stud. Took Lonzo instead which has had mixed results. Should’ve taken Tatum.


I say that are rebuilding but they are currently kicking my backside!


I like trading and I’m looking for picks or two of my players for one of yours. These guys are on the table:

Derrick Rose (averaging 22 points 5 assists)
E’Twuan Moore (30 points today averaging just under 20)
Trevor Ariza (shooting ball career average but upside)
Josh Jackson (personal favourite but I have too many Suns)
Terry Rozier (will be a gun)
Rodney Hood (getting 25+ minutes per game and averaging 13 points)
Patrick Beverly
Jeff Green


Thanks mate - i’ll have a look


I liked that trade that went through. Blockbuster!


Any contenders looking to strengthen their side ahead of the finals?

Come talk to me.

Everyone except Ayton and Warren are tradeable.

I’m looking to trade two of mine for one of yours.

Or one of mine for a decent draft pick.


I was excited to read this. This league needs some trades and activity. But I don’t think I can make anything work.


i’d be happy to trade for horford, but not sure what young talent i can offer you

mikal bridges, schroder, nance, reggie jackson or something of the like


Thanks, but none of those guys will make your keepers so I’m happy to pick them up off the scrap heap during the draft next year.

I like Schroeder and Bridges but Schroeder is not a starter and Bridges will be pushed to the bench next season.

More than happy to trade Horford but not for a packet of chips. And I’m not necessarily looking for youth either.


Anyone interested in Rose? Would be a great asset to a winning team.


Good to have boogie back. Hopefully I can start moving up the ladder now