Fantasy NBA 2017/2018


Geez I thought I was toast Fogdog. You were looking pretty comfortably in front last night.


I lost by one turnover.

Three turnovers in the last quarter of the last game killed me.

Oh well.


Rose another 31 points.

What an asset he would be to a finalist.


rose been in good form!


Madly checking my roster for half decent Phoenix players to make that trade.


Hey I’m open to players outside of the Suns…

I’d trade you for any of Nurkic, Sabonis, Kuzma or Richardson.


Not for Rose and dodgy knees.


Ariza with a double double. Another player busting to get on a contenders list. Season ranking of 85!


When Anthony Davis got injured, I picked up Jahlil Okafor off FA. Gee I hope Davis gets traded!!

If so, Okafor is a certain keeper for me!!


he;s been ridiculously good!

alot of talk around AD being traded if it looks like Pelicans aren’t making the playoffs - which is looking likely

Jahlil could be a steal


Thought about getting him but decided he would only play a few games, had no idea there was any kind of discussion about AD getting traded though. Good pick by you though.


When Randle and Mirotic return his numbers will drop. With, or without AD.

Still a handy pick up.


Really? Aren’t you a Lakers fan? LeBron was questioned over comments he made about it.


I am but really only been following box scores and I had heard rumours he may be a FA signing at the end of the season but not really getting into it. Would love him at the Lakers though.



Embracing the inevitable and dealing some of my older talent to rebuild.

Accepting offers for Kevin Love, Rudy Gay and Draymond Green.

Young players and picks.

Enquire within.


Nice proposal @Eggs but Jokic is too valuable and still only 23.


just offered you something for Draymond


Can’t have you pillaging the bottom team haha!


Oh yes we can. Now, who wants Love? and also Kevin.


Is this what you mean?