Fantasy NBA 2017/2018




So not this?


I am willing to offer up gay and love yes.


That Booker for Bagley trade is an interesting one!


Fog going all in on Phoenix. Love it


Can someone tell me how the waiver process works? Every time I’ve selected a waived player, they end up elsewhere.


Well yes, but probably not me :wink: . I am still unsure how I missed someone at the start of the season (like maybe first week before we had ladder placings based on this season’s performance) even though this other team finished higher than mine the season before.


There is a waiver wire order, which is essentially a priority order. It’s based on the reverse draft order to start I think

You can see the waiver order on the league standings page

Each time to try to claim someone off waivers, you are up against every other team trying to claim that player also. The player is awarded to the team with the lowest waiver order (ie highest priority)

Once you use your waiver, you automatically go back to last priority (ie number 12)

So Fog, you are waiver number 7. If you apply for a player on the waivers, but so does any team ranked 1 - 6 on the waivers, you won’t get the player

Does that make sense?


Yeah that makes sense. Bit rough for the bottom teams!!


The bottom teams (based on last years standings) start with the best waiver priority. All it takes is using it once and you’re at the back of the cue again. So use it wisely if you are high up the order


Thanks for the interest, but these players are the core of the rebuild and aren’t for sale:
Giannis, Jamal, Donovan, Kyrie, Elfrid, Mo Bamba, WCJ, Dario Saric and Dejounte.

Older players who I will obviously keep, but am happy to trade are:
Love. Gay, Goran Drajic.

Players who will likely get discarded so are also available for not much:
Green, Olynyk, Plumlee, Rabb (+/- Lamb)


Anyone looking for a Centre? I have an abundance of them. Good ones too.

Horford (dominating of late), Valenciunas, Zizic, Okafor and Powell are all on the market.


Pleased to be enjoying the week off. Although I think the Spearmint Ryano’s are basically in unbeatable.

Who is actually the boss of this team?


haha right?! he’s been pretty injury free too.

I think it’s @bomber_hero


Injuries and not selecting your team is crippling in this format. Last week I missed changing a player into my team by 1 min. He went on to dominate. Naming him would have won got me across the line in one or two categories to even up the match up.


As is not knowing the rules, joining late and not understanding how the draft works!!

I’ve been chasing my tail all season cause I thought I had pick 3 in the draft but because I had 8 keepers (which I thought we had to) as opposed to 6 keepers, my first pick wasn’t until the third round!!

I still got Ayton but gave up Harris and Griffen to get him. Reckon I would have been a contender if I was able to select Ayton at pick 3 and not have to trade for him.

At least I will be much better prepared next season.


yeh that 6 vs 8 keepers is a big one to know, as to how it relates to the draft


Too good @The_Mad_Bomber1. Our match literally game down to a few missed free throws, some steals and blocks. Best of luck next week.


I thought you had it in the bag earlier but McGee came through on the block party tonight. Good game though.

Haha, got so lucky against Spearmint Rhinos.


Good game @The_Mad_Bomber1