Fantasy NBA 2017/2018


Congratulations to you @Awesome_Scotty, I think you knocked us off a couple of years ago. You did the heavy lifting this season knocking off the seemingly unbeatable Spearmint Ryanos. It would have been Stephen Bradbury-esque if Team Synergy were to win it.

Our last roll of the dice was dropping Winslow for Stephenson, it did not work, but at least I can say I tried everything after doing my 4 changes for the week. If I knew Winslow was going to miss the whole week I would have dropped him earlier but there was nothing that I saw that was definitive. Losing Nurkic was not ideal after he was on fire when he went down. We were close and I was pretty happy with my team’s performance this season. We have an unhappy knack of going deep but not pulling off the ultimate success.

Evans was a player I was happy to take in the last week but his numbers were not what I was expecting. We were pretty close but that does not win you titles. I will just have to take out my frustrations with your team in the BBFFL!


And truth be told my team was pretty lucky to make it to the final after squeaking past @redbull and his Conargo Bulls. I probably used up all my luck last week.


ZION TIME. Well done AS


whos getting zion?


I’d be going for RJ at pick 1.