Fantasy NBA 2017/2018


I can’t see the option to do them in this league… whats the max keepers again?


6-8 Keepers.

I think you can pick keepers online from the league page. There should be a button up the top you click on


So I seem to be missing the option? Where do I go.


I cant see the option anymore cause I’ve done mine.

From memory it was on the League overview page.

I’m sure scotty can put them in for you anyway if you can’t find the option


Choose keepers options isn’t coming up for me. It’s greyed out. Have PMed @Awesome_Scotty my keepers as well.



Greek Freak,
K Love,
Brook Lopez,
Paul Millsap,
Avery Bradley,
George Hill


ok i’ll the sort out the teams.

post up your teams. maybe a late draft? 9pm?


9pm is perfect for me


9pm works. thanks AS.


Think the draft is all set to go. Will chase TomDons after the draft but set his keepers.

I’ll be up at 5am for the draft. Eggs may miss it’ll be 6am there but he said he’s good.

Pre-draft Rambis has the best team


Also AS, i always to a reverse ladder position for the teams outside playoffs. That way pointless consolation finals dont mean anything in terms of draft order.


Yep, we normally you reverse end of season standings for non playoff teams and then reverse playoff standings. Do you mind fixing that but up? I couldn’t find ladder results for h Literally just hit the hay but can get up if needed


@bjsteel fixed


awesome thanks mate. really appreciate you stepping up here! i can’t miss out on getting the big baller!


I did my keepers yesterday in the league area, but will post them here as they have not been updated yet and I have changed my mind a little. If I am stuck with what I nominated originally so be it.
Steph Curry
Hardaway Jr
Wilson Chandler
Dion Waiters
Yogi Ferrell


i have set my keepers, but cant make the draft sorry. but happy to be auto drafted. i will set a few pre draft ranks



Interested in your draft results. Are they available to gawk at?


Previous years where we’ve kept less than the max keepers, the additional picks have been at the start of the draft? Not so this year?


They were at the start weren’t they? I didn’t come into the draft until round 9 - after my 8 keepers were filled. Anyone who kept 6 keepers started drafting from Round 7.


It was at the start of the round?