Fantasy NBA 2017/2018


With regards to time zones for the draft I’m in singapore - which is the same as Perth.


Oh that’s right, and if you keep 6 you get extra picks at the start of the draft.

My team went from premiership to bottom of the league. It’s rebuild time.


which one is your team again? just so i can chase the last person?


Spearmint Ryano’s is me



@TomsDons - are ya playing this year? :slight_smile:


Probably not mate, thanks for the thought anyway.


Right, so we need to find two coaches. @Awesome_Scotty’s mate, and one more. Volunteers? Maybe we should throw something into the NBA thread?


Good idea!


I’m potentially interested. What’s the team look like?


I’m a little mixed up on who owns what team. I know the outgoing coaches are McDav and TomsDoms. @Awesome_Scotty, do you know which teams theirs were?


I don’t even think I did it last year in all honesty. Anyone recall who had my team last season?


Slatisfacation and Clam Busters


sorry been super busy for the short term US move.


I’d be up for it


Right - Slatisfaction:

Clam Busters:

Sounds like we’ve got 2 and a half volunteers? AS’s mate, @andrewb and potential interest from @fogdog.

Just need to pick two of the three to coach, nominate keepers and draft. Pre-season starts this week so let’s get cracking.


Also - I should get AS’s first rounder (officially round 7, as keepers make up the first 6 rounds) for my second rounder (round 8) as part of the Chris Paul for John Collins and filler trade.


What time suits everyone on Saturday or Sunday 13/14 october?


I’m in if I can have the first team!


OK by me. @Awesome_Scotty?


keepers are min 6, max 8?