Fantasy NBA 2017/2018


I’m good whenever on those days for the draft


Any of you use any of the fantasy nba apps?


Sunday is preferable.


Sunday suits me




Thanks. Downloading now.

Can you pm the league details?


Yep, should me your email and i’ll add you to the team






13/14 works for me - if we can agree a time I’ll get it in the calendar. I think last year we did evening in Australia, which was morning for me.


Keepers done.

CJ McCollum
Klay Thompson
Mike Conley
Steven Adams
Julius Randle
Demarcus Cousins

Was going to keep Fultz but forgot I ad the number 1 pick!!


I have no idea how to log in to my team page, anyone able to help me please?


Have you got your login details and just don’t know where to click, or have you lost your password, etc?


I cannot find the league, I should be able to log in. My team is Team Synergy.


When’s the draft?


Hopefully not this weekend! I haven’t got access to the league yet.

I still haven’t seen the teams or who is available so won’t have any research time.


I think @Awesome_Scotty is the league manager?


Hey guys - glad to be back. Thanks for AS for taking over as commish. I can do Sunday for the draft anytime. Looking forward to it. My keepers are set in yahoo but i’ll add below too.

Lillard, Simmons, Wall, Gobert, DeRozan, Ball, Whiteside & Smith Jr.


I am all sorted and keepers have been submitted.


Hey all! Sorry finally have a chance to check everything, most intense two weeks of my life! :crazy_face: