Fantasy NBA 2017/2018


Keepers: Giannis, Donovan,Irving, D. Green, K Love, J Murray.


My keepers are:
Steph Curry, Rubio, Josh Richardson, Evan Fournier Kyle Kuzma, KC-P, RH-J and Nurkic


wait, how many keepers can we keep??


If we can have nine, I would like to add B Lopez, Millsap and Reddick.


It’s 8 isn’t it.




So are we drafting at 8PM AEDST? (about 1hour and 50 minutes away), or 9PM AEDST (about 2 hours and 50 minutes away)?


8pm AEST


Where do we see which players are available?


My keepers are:

Tobias Harris
Al Horford
Blake Griffin
Jonas Valanciunas
Andrew Wiggins
Dirk Nowitzki
Patrick Beverley
TJ Warren


Okay no reddick for me, ready to go.


So pumped for this!


So if you only have 6 keepers does that mean you draft before those that had 8 keepers??


Yep it’s not ideal.


Yeah I think there needs to be a set number. I didn’t keep fultz purely so I was assured the number 1 pick.

Can we maybe make it 7 keepers going forward?


Absolutely spewing. Wish I had of known beforehand. I would not have kept Dirk or Beverley.

I wanted pick 3 for Ayton. Shattered.


Which team is which blitzer???


Isn’t that the risk you take when you decide between keeping 6 7 or 8?

Fog - Rose before Hoes - reigning champ :wink:


Agree, if you knew about it!


I’m Flint Tropics