Fantasy NHL 2017-2018

Will get around to setting this up asap

Invite link above

Lucky i found this.

I don’t have an email or PM about this. Are you sending one out?

It should have happened? Hmmm I think the settings are ok now? Can you double check

Got it. Is it just me and you?

I might have a dip but still haven’t got over last seasons heartbreak

neither have i.
i barely care about it but its like a drug.

the league is drafting tonight Aceman so get in now if you havnt!!!

I’m not going to make it back in time to my computer unless it can be done on an iPhone.

Looks like I can.

See how I go. I have not looked at anything!!

Perhaps I’ll just picked players I like to follow!

thats a solid plan. ive honestly tried to forget hockey the last 4 months.

i didnt know we re-signed Oshie till about a week ago. i just am so scarred!

did we have rosters set on “today” or “tomorrow”

What does that mean?

how you can set your team… i think we could always change it the morning of games hey… and then they locked once the game started?

@Portable_Mink what time can we enter the draft?

I got pick 1!!! Back to back.

Mink you might get Ovie at your pick!

you lucky sob!

haha who knows

OUCH last!?!?!?

Ovie pick 9.

Last years pick 1 was a curse.

Although I’m super happy to get McDavid to follow all year pick 1 is a tough spot.

Most good goalies are picked 2nd round so you really just got to pick through the left overs.

I actually drafted from a spa at my mates place with a couple of beers watching the NRL using my phone. So spent the whole time trying to keep my hand dry.

I couldnt really look at the peripheral stats as drafting but overall I’m happy with the players I get to follow all year but I have no idea how I’m going to go.

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Savard’s dead yo.

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