Fantasy NHL 2017-2018


It’s tight now.


Nathan McKinnon alone might drag me across the line. 10 Goals 10 Assists in his last 10 games.


Love your work Fleury.

Kudos @The_Ant - we’ve reeled him in. Who would’ve thought Mink would be third at this stage after leading by roughly 20pts.

Best of luck for the final 3 weeks. I’m leading but I think it’ll be short-lived, as there are too many areas you’ll inevitably steal points off me with spot starts


Not sure about that.

I gained 2 points with the Fluery trade. I didn’t think you’d get me so quickly in wins.

So it’s a draw in the trade department.

And how about you plus/minus. Crazy.

It’s a knifes edge.

How many moves do we get? I wanted 50 at the start of the season to avoid this spot starting rubbish.

I can’t spot start too many goalies as the save % is so close. So I might need to let the wins go. Bishop going down is so so cruel.


Oh I realise you’ve gained points, I was referring moreso re: Fleury to his shutout today (where he earnt me 1.5pts) than overall performance vs. Carlson since the trade.

On +/- - I’m finally getting going I thought Chara would’ve given me more impetus than he ultimately did. I opted to drop Bailey, Haula & Pietrangelo (although he’s fired again) who were running -10 to -15 in the past month prior to being let go. Zadorov has been an unexpected huge help in that regard as he’s +8 in only 4 games since arriving. Easy thing to rapidly reverse, so we’ll see whether I start hurtling back towards you.

Yeah we get 50 - and I’m maxed out now (a combo of a few very short-sighted moves - Phaneuf, dropping Aho, Reinhart merry-go-round - in the past month and a spate of injuries to guys instanteously upon picking them up - Raanta, Smith, DeBrusk), whilst you’ve still got 10 up your sleeve to inevitably overtake me in blocks.


@Dunlop I actually picked up Fleury as a free agent so he’s been good for both of us.

I actually decided to just attack Mink so I could gain 2 points on him at a time. I posted that a while back.

With McDavid, McKinnon and now the ducks catching fire I’ve blown passed him in goals and assists which I didn’t think could happen.

But to be honest I can’t get him in any more categories. So he’s still in it as we scrap for points off each other in 4 categories.

Who knows we might kill each other and he survives.


Is Mink aware of a loophole that none of the rest of us are?

Somehow he has been able to move Hutton (DTD) onto IR this morning.


Must be. Is that IR+?

HAs never worked for me.


oops… probably should have paid more attention earlier! have pretty much just let it run all season.

oh well.
lets race!

should be intesting. time for me to use up my free agent pick ups each day if i remember.


Not sure how I’m still leading with Mink being able to run multiple spot-starts per day against me.

Would dearly love that Aho to DeBrusk move back and gambling that Reinhart would be reunited with Eichel on his return.

Still more of these gambles appear to have paid off (for now), than not.

Going to be a tense last 11 days…and I still expect Mink to get me at some point as I anticipate Ant taking points off me in wins and blocks.


Simple fact is I can’t win despite the heroics of McDavid and McKinnon.

In hindsight the Fleury trade has cost me. I’ve been caught by 4 teams in shutouts and lost save%. But you have to try right?

The only thing I can do is take points off you. Which I’m torn about!


Could come down to who gets a shutout in the few last remaining games it’s that close.


Well things were about to get very interesting but…

Varmalov had a shutout setup with 6 minutes to go until he got run into. So the shutout doesn’t count.

That would have tightened things right up to have the top 3 within 3 points of each other.

I’m gutted.


Duby’s shutout proving crucial as Mink grabs 2 points back.

Still anyone’s game as I can lose points in at least 4 areas.


bit hard with Stamkos, Ovechkin, Wheeler and Shieffele injured.


big game here!

especially if one of our goalies gets a shutout


which one? Ducks Wild?


bad luck boys. Door is still ajar!


Fair point. Considering I made about 5 changes in a week just before hitting the cap due to injuries, I will freely admit how fiendishly lucky I’ve been to, at this stage, avoid major injuries since hitting the cap. Bobby Lu missed a few games and Kane has missed 1 and potentially could miss SJ’s final 2.

For that matter I’m lucky more of my “ride the hot streak” moves haven’t gone the way of Phaneuf (though his fight with Zadorov was handy) and to a lesser extent Bjugstad now he has been moved off the top line.

Another good game for Duby gives me a chance to grab a Sv% point if Holy Roy slips up, which’d be a useful buffer against any potential Mink shut-outs or PIM explosions.


Can you let me know Fleury’s stats since I traded him to you.
I have the feeling I dropped the trophy.