Fantasy NHL 2017-2018


I cant believe the decline in some of my stars. Simmonds and Vas right up there.
But oh well. Great effort by you 2 both to bring me back. I probably got a bit comfortable and didnt pay attention. ive had to the last couple weeks but its probably too late!

Today is the day of massive importance.

Go the Dynasty!!!

im glad its this tight at the end though :slight_smile:


bah. im done.


me too.

Dunlop take a bow.


Cheers guys. I’m still shocked to be honest, as even when I hit the lead I anticipated it’d be brief as I’d given away blocks and PPPs as lost. I also don’t rightly know how I passed Toews in SOGs either given he was 100 clear a few weeks back.

@The_Ant: Fleury’s stats via my Team Log since the trade: 11 wins (19 starts), 2.31; .927; 2 SOs - last month: 7; 1.73; .945; 2 SOs

I fully acknowledge that I probably wouldn’t have won without that trade although I would’ve tried my hardest and held onto Raanta whilst injured longer than I did (roughly a week), which might’ve reaped similar benefits with GAA & Save% but I probably don’t catch you in wins.

All of my goalies were immense when it counted: Bobby Lu went 6 (of 10); 2.30; .931; 2 SOs (3 for the season)

Even Duby held up his end in the last month with 5 wins, 2.16; .922; 1 SO

Panarin was also big in the final month with 24pts and + 11 - he also became the first Blue Jacket to record 80pts in a season

I will be very surprised if I manage to have the sheer amount of luck I’ve had in the final month ever again in this competition.

The one major thing I did differently this year, which certainly helped in keeping me 2nd for most of the season, was actually putting in time to research periphals (hits/blocks/PIM) and trying to draft forwards that would assist. In the past, I’ve been too reliant on D and had to scramble after the draft for options to attempt to be competitive in those areas, particularly hits and PIM.

Best FA Pickup: Couturier’s 67pts & +21 probably just shades Wilson’s 18pts, 110 PIM and 171 hits

I’ll be back to defend my title/brief sojourn from Mink’s dynasty. I can only hope I make a better fist of it than the Bulldogs did their AFL premiership defence.


Well done @Dunlop

Your last month was incredible. Even with McDavid and McKinnon on fire you blew past me for goals like I was standing still. Your plus minus went through the roof. It was crazy to watch.

I couldn’t catch you in blocks either! I tried for a month.

I think just after Christmas we decided to try and chase down Mink and we got there.

I had a couple of wins. Free agency was good to me.
Barzal was a win and he just kept scoring points.
Fluery and Hellebuyck were the only reason I was anywhere near the goalie stats.

Cam Talbot my third overall pick was a complete flop. For most the year I had to run 4 goalies to make up for his lack of performance.

Loved it this year. I’ll be back again.

Dunlop you have 6 months to take it back to your hometown and drink from the cup!


Congrats @Dunlop

My season was done before a game was played when I picked Holtby and Price with my first two picks. The strategy worked well for Mink the previous season, but under my coaching they managed one shutout between them. I took it as a sign to take a break for the rest of the season. I’m sorry, I hate it when people are dead weights at the bottom of the table but I needed a break after what, 12 straight seasons of spending October thru April logging in daily.

I plan to be back next season.


Well done Dunners :slight_smile:
what a comeback!

Ill be sure to not let up next season. no excuse and well executed by Dunlop and Ant to reel me back in.

It wont happen again :stuck_out_tongue:
Good fun season!
Now for taste of some Capitals disappointment