Fark carlton continues

Ok, which Blitzer was pretending to be a current FC player?


Definitely Saad


He should write a book on bad culture.

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With all of the noise, will Voss make it to Sunday?

Let’s hope so.

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Impossible. Saad played under Worsefold.


At least Worsfold had a premiership to his name. Voss has setting Brisbane back 10 years to show on his resume.


Can we beat Carlton and then the FC board gives Voss a contract extension!? Do it!!

Voss is even starting to look like Worsfold. First glance I thought it was him. No wonder they are playing so crap and are going nowhere. Lol.


Didn’t woosha spend time at fark Carlton last year


30 games in and they’ve lost a few. So what. Not even FCFC will sack him yet. Storm in a tea cup. I think they’ve learnt it’s instability that got them here.

Fair call but I genuinely think they have (once again) selected the wrong coach. There was no evidence Voss is actually any good.

that is why i don’t get why people are so quick to get on the mock carlton train. cos
A we did it last year
B you don’t think the exact same ■■■■ is gonna happen as early as next year, if not season 3 if scott mimics voss’s year this year ?

the last carlton game i attended 2021 some carlton supporter kept trying to make out how better they are loudly to everyone. i kept pointing out we are as ■■■■ as each other buddy.

by the end he was pointing out that we should enjoy our development years cos we are miles off it blah blah and they were storming into finals blah blah.

the irony being again we are just as bad as each other, and they will prolly roll us this week, which is the worst part.


No. Always mock FARK CARLTON.

The enjoyment of mocking FARK CARLTON is entirely independent to how Essendon is performing.


We say we’re better than them and laugh at their misfortune because we hate them.
Because we are actually genuine rivals.
It’s not rocket science.
Maybe the two clubs are in a similar position, as far as the potential for success goes, but where’s the fun in that?
And footy is supposed to be fun.

Fark Carlton.




The board have already sat down with him and listed some non-negotiables. If they do that the writing is on the wall.

I know Voss has only been there a short time. But with their list, Carlton should be in their window now to contend.

If they miss that opportunity, they’ll likely need to rebuild their list to make another run towards it.

I can understand why they would want to move Voss on quickly if the results aren’t there.

I am sure that is one of the main things that attracted Voss to the position. Caaarlton would have sold him on the quality of their list potential.

Question is, is their list really that good or are they just on paper good as we have been for many years?