Fark carlton continues

Nah Blues will beat the Lions.

******* ****s

Wining a final is the first step for us

Once we achive we that who knows what can happen its a mental hurdle that contiunes to haunt the club for the best part of two decades

These blokes arsing results ■■■■■ me

Makes me hate Essendon more than I already do


Catching up on this thread because fark Carlton. But yeah feeling pretty I’ll now.

Crazy Vossy

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I just checked the scores and I honestly couldn’t give a f*ck.

Usually I do.

I’m just sick to death of Essendon excuses. Perhaps a Carlton premiership would be a reality check for lots of Essendon people…. And no longer hanging their hats on ‘most successful club’


Absolute ■■■■■■■ nonce especially naming his alt like that rofl

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2023 will mark the first time the Blues have made a Preliminary Final since 2000. It’s been a long time between drinks for them.

Our last prelim was 2001 lol
Difference is, we won’t make one next year and so we will have a longer time between drinks



Fark Carlton


FARK Carlton. Seeing them in a prelim final is gut wrenching. I ■■■■■■■ hate that mob. Hopefully the lions belt the ■■■■ out of that navy scum.

My hatred for Carlscum was born on September 18th 1999 and it’s as strong today as it was 24 years ago.

Gagf Carlton, you salary cap cheating filth.


How in the ■■■■ was Cripps allowed to play bleeding from the nose, he actually said in the comments at the end of the game, I hate going off for the blood rule so I kept wiping it away.

If that’s not breaking rules I don’t know what is.

How come Weitering wasn’t subbed out or even taken off the ground for concussion protocols? Should have been tested, and maybe Carlton will have to answer a “please explain” from the AFL medicos. If found to have had concussion he would have been off the ground and Melbourne would have won. If found that Carlton acted inappropriately with not inspecting Weitering, the AFL may just ban him from next week anyway.


What is the line for checking for concussion? He was on his haunches, proppy for a moment, then shook it off.

Shows he should have been taken off and tested as he looked decidedly groggy after a head hit.


Not really.

They’ve gotten rid of the poisonous people from Carlton.

They sacked everyone they needed to sack.

We haven’t. We’ve given these people more resources.

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Full credit to Carlton I say. Let’s face it, since the bye they’ve been almost the best team in the comp. They’ve had a run only our mob can dream of.

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Was Silvagni poisonous? They flicked him…and he built their list which has reached a PF.

Apologies if this works against the narrative.