Fark carlton


Which crook will they hire to replace him with?


Just awaiting them to make a play for Vickery.


They’d be trawling through the list of inmates in the white-collar section of Victoria’s prisons.


Hopefully Kennedy reneges on his deal too.


And when they find that list doesn’t exist, just recruit from the Institute of Public Affairs.


I thought the title said Fake Carlton ie: GWS thread


President: John Elliott
CEO: Tom Elliott

You know you want to FCFC


Your answer is here. Not a crook but he likes the females he works with.

Except that no one seems to have told Trigg. This is despite the fact that Carlton’s interest in former AFL football boss Simon Lethlean and Lethlean’s interest in Carlton has become an open secret among senior staff at head office and a widening circle of club chief executives. btw that’s from SWSNBN


Probably a few trade unions could supply candidates too.



Hawthorn knew they’d been beaten last week/yesterday. Catch up, Fark Carlton.


They’d want to audit all contracts he presided over.


Fark Carlton flog supporters were so sure of getting Smith and Saad…what a beautiful day


<Be based Jacket man
<Be start of trade period
<all players linked to Fark Carlton
<put jackets on and weave some jacket magic
<all good players linked to Fark Carlton want too come too Essendon now
<Fark Carlton CEO resigns the same day


I’m a bottle of wine and half a jug of Sangria in celebrating this very thing.

You’re a farkin poet man.

I love youse all


This in the same week the woman at Hawthorn was sacked in part because the AFL were surprised by her appointment. Boys clubbbbbbbbbbbbbb


“What? Oh yeah, I fired him because he was having an inappropriate relationship in the workplace, but he’s still a good mate so I heartily recommend you appoint him as your CEO.”


I can’t fathom how stupid people must be to just lap this ■■■■ up, and not consider that the AFL are a corrupt boys club with too much power… Wake up Melbourne FFS.


We can’t have that at the AFL, it’s just not on.

But at Carlton? Well it’s a hotbed of debauchery so have at it.


FCFC Interviewer: So tell me some of your past experience.
Lether: I slept with a lady at my office who was in a relationship , in fact engaged, while my wife was at home dealing with the kids
FCFC: really? You will fit right in, welcome to the club. Let me show you around to some of the young lad…I mean the office.