Fark carlton


Gibbs for sloane, swap of picks


Seems the Lethlean appointment is not quite a done deal due to intervention by some on the Board ( could be Kate Jenkins, who is the Sex Discrimination Commissioner) . Lo Guidice has since clarified that Lethlean is being invited to apply for the position ( the criteria are tailored to his experience).


Rule 1: Must have had experience in football operations management in a senior Australian Football League position, based in the Docklands
Rule 2: Must have boofed some of the office staff. To please Tony Abbott, can be of the same gender.
Rule 3: Must have initials SL.


One of the criticisms of Gaudry was that she had no previous experience as a CEO. Has Lethlean? Did Gil before his appointment at AFL Inc?


Gil’s mate > qualifications


Surprise, surprise, Tim doubts that the Blooos are a destination club, since players are not too keen to go there. Rebuild? What rebuild? Business as normal. No longer one of the big 4 Melb clubs, ouch! That one would have stung. Even in the midst of the Saga we still drew bigger crowds than these numpties.

The only thing better than this would be to steal Kennedy, their prize trade from under their noses.

Watson - what a legend.


The comments in the Facebook link to the article written on what he said were fkn gold.

So much butt hurt and vitriol being sent his way.


My fav player as a kid growing up. Absolute legend. Often bumped into him at the Coles in Sandy when I was living there in the late 90s/early 00s. Always up for a chinwag. Top bloke.


My favourite player of all time.


Likewise, although I have him on a par with Jimmy as my two fav players of all time.


I think one of the great football stories of the last decade or so is how Carlton, with all its money and number one draft picks and new coaches and fancy facilities, has still not managed to lift itself above second-last out of 18. Long may it continue.


l like to think of it as the curse of Big Jack Elliott, all part of his ongoing legacy. Bring back Jack!


By developing a loser mentality.


It’s hard to articulate the level of hatred I have for FCFC.


We love it when you try though …


I hope Stants teaches all their midfielders to smoke.


I hope he wanders around near Cripps loudly saying things like “gee, these facilities aren’t a patch on what we had at Essendon”.


Those floors, so luxuriously spongy.


They wouldve been a very good team had they not kicked Ratten to the curb.


Stants, … “Sooo, … these are just normal ordinary floors here eh?”