Fark carlton


Actually they would have been a very good team had they not been such a ■■■■■■ one.


Natural progression takes place and they move onto meth.


“…you guys hired Neil Craig??


My greatest ever Blitz (and life) achievement is that Fark Carlton became a thing.

I honestly hate them more intensely than I love Essendon / my wife and kids / life


Delisted Rhys Palmer, Dylan Buckley and one of their Irish guys…Ciaran Sheehan?

we can finally rectify our blunder in taking Myers over Palmer!


Have you put it on your resumé?


Buckley was a F/S that I don’t think anyone bidded on so they were able to take him in the 5th round. Was he also the twit who celebrated when he kicked a point against us?


Yes he was





■■■■ that was funny


Boekhorst delisted. Wasn’t someone on here talking him up?


Fark Carlton have delisted Blaine Boekhorst.
Fark Carlton


Geez. I really hope someone got fired for that blunder!!


Smedts and white gone too. Full clean out.

Did sos do the smedts/thuoy trade?I


Def someone. Just based on games played which didn’t really mean much at that rabble.

Not that LAV has scaled any great heights yet but that was a very poor decision by Blues it seems.


i dont


The only remnants of that draft for them are Pickett and Marchbank who were drafted by GWS


With Gibbs gone they’re planning the full tank next year to try to snag Rankine or someone. No point hanging on to middle listers if that’s the idea - dump your depth, play the kids, and lie back and think of the draft.

Fark Carlton tanking for picks again. It’s like 2005 never left. Here come the new blooz, same as the old blooz.




I don’t want to be the one who is mistaken for talking him up. I have said somewhere though that his career has been to date, pretty much in line with Lav and Langford albeit for Fark Carlton.

Still need to give him a tick for his malthouse tweet!