Fark carlton


Remember how happy and boisterous this man used to be? now look at him



Wonder what it’s going to do to Stants then…


imagine if they had of picked up langford. most melancholy looking club going around.


had of






Caaarlton have delisted 13 players, to make a total of 42 over the last 3 seasons. They aren’t using a broom, they have got their own street sweeper! How are all those GWS pickups, working for the Blooos now?


Bring in a ton of garbage. Hope 1 or 2 make it every now and then.

Rinse repeat


I have to laugh at 2014. They downgraded pick 7 to pick 19 to pick up Whiley and Jaksch. Then they got Boekhorst with pick 19.
All 3 players are now gone.

Edit: On closer inspection, every single player that Carlton drafted in 2014 is gone already. That included:

  • 4 ND picks
  • 1 PSD
  • 4 Rookies

They also picked up a delisted free agent who is gone as well.

Ironically, the one bloke added to their list in that off-season who is still there is Liam Jones who they picked up via trade and I’m pretty sure everyone thought wtf are they doing using pick 46 in a trade for him


I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw the cheque book at Sloan next year too. Hoping to rise in 19.


wow, that was a bad year


Erased almost all traces of the Malthouse era. Daisy Thomas survives


I used to love talking up Boekhorst in games of the round other than Essendon threads.

Gutted he is gawn.


who did 7 eventually get used on? cbf looking it up.


Paul Ahern. He’s had a couple of ACLs and is at North now


thanks for hat.


Carlton wasting a blue-chip draft pick and North so desperate, they trade in a bloke whose done ACLs


Fark Carlton.

I repeat.

Fark Carlton.


Mullett signed today.
Ever since Sticks retired they have been searching for another mullett


It is satisfying seeing them suffer and I’m glad they were down the bottom while we were but I hope they improve as there is nothing better than a Dons v Blues final. I love our rivalry… it is something very special and real to a lot of each clubs supporters. I, and many others I’d guess, have close friends and family that barrack for both which makes the games so satisfying, and finals even more so.

Losing to them is agonising, beating them is simply bliss and makes your week/year. But the banter in and around this rivalry is unmatched for mine.