Fark carlton


That’s good news for @Blummers32.
FCFC will actually play him in their seniors.


Surely I am not the only one who thinks we should pick up Boekhurst for the giggles. Imagine the meltdown if he became useful


Target Saad.

End up with Mullett.



Yeah, nah.

Happy for them to stay exactly where/as they are. :slight_smile:


Cool your jets, Blues-lover.


This love fest for SOS. Give me a break. He’s just raided GWS, the team he worked at for a couple of years. Other than that, he’s had? No.1 picks. Still he’s let go of Betts, Touhy and Gibbs, amongst others. This is the guy that picked up Rhys Palmer, ffs. But according to the HS, he has saved Cartlon. ■■■■ Carlton.


And it’s pretty ■■■■■■ funny that the Kangaroos get rid of Mullet and think they can replace him with Morgan


Betts left at end of 2013, SOS took over as list manager of FCFC as of 2015.


Hey, you let… you put facts in the story.


lol Don’t worry, I hate SOS too and think he is highly over-rated as a list manager.


I actually think he’s done a really good job. Yeah he’s picking up GWS discards but some of those are good players and he’s still bringing in some good talent from the draft. Two top 10 picks this year for example.
His record at GWS is great although his job was not a difficult one there. The results are a stark contrast to GC.
On evidence it’s hard to argue that he’s overrated. Sadly I think Carlton will rise very quickly probably 2019-20.


Giants were handed far more than even the Suns were handed. Priority access to some of the best talent going around and multiple years of multiple top 10 picks. To say it wasn’t hard is an understatement. The Suns did draft okay, the issue wasn’t their drafting, it was the development. SOS was not in charge of that at the Giants either so any success people feel that the Giants have is more to do with player development and coaching imo (although in reality they have under-achieved so far imo).

It would interesting to look at their list and see how many of his trades have worked and how many are just so so. As for his drafting he has done well so far.


It is my sad opinion that Fark Carltons trading and drafting both improved with Fark SOS walked through the door. He is still missing occassionally, but every list manager will.

A bit surprised anyone would argue otherwise. The only issue they have is that their list was so poor to start with that it is going to be a looooong road.


How the fark did Fark FC get 4x farking Friday night games next farking year?


I think it’s fantastic. When the eventually dismal ratings come in, that slimy excuse for a club won’t get a prime time match for the next 10 years.


i quite enjoy watching carlton get belted. friday night after a long weeks work, nothing better than indulging in some schadenfreude to start the weekend.


I don’t think there is a logical reason for it. As such I just imagine that some under-the-table deal has been done at AFL house and … surprise!!!


Is always a bonus when you go to the pub after work on a Friday, have a few beers and watch Fark Carltank get done over properly.

Extra special when there is a contingent of Fark Carltank supporters in attendance uttering their bullshit and watching them melt into obscurity.

Fark Carltank


I’d like to think so but somehow I doubt it. FarkCFC aren’t a big club anymore. They’re a niche club like N Melbourne. No one cares about them apart from their handful of sh*tbox supporters. They play a crap brand of football which is crap to watch. The Friday night game really should be reserved for the two sides most likely to produce the best spectacle because it’s the one night where the most neutrals will be tuning in. 4x games is a joke and if they had any pride in themselves they’d hand them back.


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