Fark carlton


Lol… Yeah ok :smile:


After thinking about what I posted (no I wasn’t drunk), if we are to climb into the top 4 and play with the big boys, the idea of playing Adelaide, Port, Sydney and GWS in the later parts of the finals series is actually uninspiring. They really are such boring and bland clubs. It may take time for rivalries to develop in the new and shiny AFL, however it’s just one big AFL force-fed snore fest at present.


Lethlean missed out on the CEO job. What will be Gil’s revenge?


I think Gill might be looking over his shoulder


Please be true… please be true…


Only so he can watch Vlad taking his pants off.


All and sundry thought FCFC’s CEO search was a “boat race” and they’ve gone for (what on the surface appears to be) a far less high-profile and experienced operator. In doing so, they’ve delivered a sneaky little FU to the AFL (read: McCocklan). One of the lapdogs biting the hand that feeds?

I begrudgingly offer kudos to them… and have all my fingers and dangly bits crossed that it’s the beginning of the fall of the Roman Empire (Dill & his nasty private schoolboy’s club)…


Nah, fark em.


Out with the trash (Gibbs aside)

In with a bunch of slightly better but still average players that only other rabble teams wanted

Fark Carlton



Denis Armfield (retired)

Daniel Gorringe (retired)

Matthew Korcheck (retired)

Kristian Jaksch (delisted)

Liam Sumner (delisted)

Dylan Buckley (delisted)

Ciaran Sheehan (delisted)

Rhys Palmer (retired)

Andrew Gallucci (delisted)

Bryce Gibbs (trade, Adelaide)

Blaine Boekhorst (delisted)

Simon White (delisted)

Billie Smedts (delisted)


Matthew Lobbe (trade, Port Adelaide)

Matthew Kennedy (trade, GWS Giants)

Darcy Lang (trade, Geelong)

Aaron Mullett (delisted free agent from North Melbourne)


You must have very saggy bits.



Sad news


Carlton will be rubbish next year.

We need to beat them by 100 each time we play them.


Never want to hear that. NOt least of all because it means another year of them playing at the top end of the draft


A team made up entirely of first round picks is still a reality.


Yeah, nah
Fark them to high hell


Oh dear, sad news for Docherty

Blues lose one of their best 2 mids in Gibbs and now one of competitions best HBF … but hey they brought in Kennedy & Mullett though! Ha!

Will thoroughly enjoy seeing them remain at bottom of ladder


Terrible news for him, second day of training. Terrible terrible luck and news


We only get them once, in Round 8

Expecting either a huge win or major essington display


The wording of my post was such that no-one could take offence at schadenfreude, but in really, it was sarcasm at its most extreme. I am in total accord with your views, and expressed so eloquently as is your wont.