Fark carlton


We will smash them


Wow, that is horrible news for Docherty. This is the time of the year when optimism is at its highest but also the possibility of a calamitous injury ever present. Wish him well. That sucks. Fingers crossed we avoid the curse…


I’m expecting you’ll either be really pleased with the result, or really not pleased.


FC don’t seem to benefit when they are playing at the top end of the draft


Yep, it’s a great shame isn’t it…


Docherty is a huge loss for them, added to Gibbs.



I’m watching round 23, 2016 on Foxtel.

Fark Carlton


Feel sorry for Docherty. Couldn’t care less about Carlton.


I think the scene from “The Social Network”: “I’m devastated by that” sums it up quite well


You know, I check into this thread to see if there is any news.

But I don’t care if there is no news.

Because there is always the piquant pleasure of serving up another “Fark Carlton”.

So just to avoid any doubt in the minds of my fellow Blitzers:

Fark Carlton!


l never like to hear of a major knee injury to any player, regardless of who they play for. Docherty is one of their better players, and his loss will hurt them greatly. Get on the Blooos now for the spoon, they are a mighty chance.




It must break their heart seeing how well we have recovered from the saga. Fark Carlton.


tanking very early this year.


I could watch that third quarter every day.

Joey goals
Walla goals
Langford marks and great efforts and goals
Laverde, Conor, Parish all doing well


Fark Carlton, the farking farkers.


The sad thing is that it might help them in the long run not having those 2 players out there. Fark Carlton.


The silver lining is that it will force us to change our typical game plan against FC of “kick it long to Docherty”.


Is that the game where Mckernan does the 1st, 2nd 3rd effort deep in the pocket and then snaps a goal over his shoulder?