Fark carlton





Blissful quarter of footy


Also the game where Kommers second effort to run down and tackle some Carlscum, results in a Parish handball to Joey who kicks a 70 metre goal.


Can someone link the YouTube if they’re watching it?


Nah sorry man, I’m busy watching it.



First half

Second half



Amazing scenes after the game, not done justice by that video.

2016 was a pretty remarkable year.
Melbourne win and the North game come to mind.




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Fark carlton.


P.S. Fark Carlton.


What the actual ■■■■ is this


Did they recruit a 12 year old?


And by the looks of him, a good advocate for their sponsor, Virgin.


Thirty-two years ago when the Brisbane Bears were starting up as a club, when all existing VFL clubs had to donate a few senior players, didn’t fark Carlton hand over the rights a deceased player (unbeknownst to Brisbane) who had previously died in a jet ski/motorboat accident?

I think his name was Ron James or something similar. Seriously poor form if true and typical of the Elliot era. I was thinking about this the other day.


That’s not quite true. Ron James was a Footscray player (debuted in a final for Willy at 14).

The guy Carlton supplied was a Reid, was he Sam and Ben Reid’s dad? He’d retired and gone overseas.


THanks AN for clearing up that inacccuracy - It happens too often.


Lurch is right with this. The Filth gave them a player who had retired and went travelling to Europe.

While we, ever the Honourable Club, gave them a Premiership defender, who a current BBer admires so much as to have him as his nom.

And yet, over the years, the Honourable Club get stitched up by the League while the Filth always gets away with all sorts of shi+ like that.

Edit: Oops, I forgot: Fark Carlton.


Correct. Think it was Bruce Reid. Scruffy blonde hair, your atypical, bog ordinary 80’s back flanker.


And premier left-arm quick…well, not quite.