Fark carlton


So Fark Carlton have fallen so far they are relying on an AFL sponsor in Virgin to be their own sponsor. Fingers crossed they keep going nowhere and end up completely irrelevant.

Fark Carltank


They’re not quite at the chocolate milk stage of sponsorship but they’re headed their.


Never in the history of sport, anywhere in the world, has there ever been such a farking putrid uniform. Not even private-school-summer uniforms. Not even prison inmate uniforms. Who the flying fark came up with that disgusting mid-grey and white socks debacle???


Yep, the Dawks jockey guernsey has now been stripped of its title as the worst ever.

Oh and Fark Carlton forever


I love how they call it “Wolf Grey”. Imagine the grief a wolf would get from his pack if he turned up looking like that!

Obviously “1990’s Mardi Gras Float Grey” was already taken.


He wasn’t sure so asked a question. Read his post again, though you may need a telescope to read it from your high horse


Its ■■■■, but i reckon its just as bad as thay Hawks one with the blue and gold diamonds on.

Had a wedding last night and the rest of the groomsparty were Collingwood supporters. They asked me how much I hate them and I’m like “same as richmond” but when it came to Carlton, it turned. I don’t care for Collingwood, there is a tiny bit of respect for them, I don’t want them to fold.

But fark Carlton, fark that. I hope these ■■■■■ burn to the ground, I hope Pratt is exhumed then burnt and thrown out to sea. I would ■■■■■■■ trade in a premiership (yes I went there) if it meant these ■■■■■ would become financially ruined that they needed to fold, but only fold after 12 months of their fans pouring in money only to lose it and waste their time


So what you’re saying is you want Fark Carlton to have the most premierships, even if only briefly?


Short term pain, long term gain


So you are unhappy that AN cleared up an inaccuracy in a post - It’s says lots about you.


No I was unhappy with you smart ■■■■ remark “it happens too often”

And that says alot about you


For example, AN and DJR often pick up and correct factual errors in posts, and have picked me up one more than one occasion for a factual inaccuracy - I’m happy there are a few on BB who have an almost encyclopedic recall for facts.


The feeling is mutual. Fark Carlton


The only thing I can contribute to this is - Fark Carlton.


my contributions:




There is one more I think

Either Hocking or Myers dropping him IIRC


The Monstering!!



For sheer entertainment though, it’s hard to beat that Filth player who celebrated wildly after he kicked a … point.

Even the goal umpire tried to repress a laugh.


Yep, that’s from the same game I think. Appeared to poleaxe himself while tackling Myers.


Wow, how incredibly brave to overcome a rolled ankle.


‘Incredibly brave’ Kreuzer fit to face Tigers
Dinny Navaratnam
INFLUENTIAL Carlton ruckman Matthew Kreuzer will overcome his ankle injury to line up in the season opener against Richmond on Thursday night at the MCG.

Kreuzer, 28, suffered a rolled left ankle in the first quarter of the Blues’ final JLT Community Series clash against Hawthorn on Saturday, March 10.

Blues midfielder Ed Curnow told reporters at Ikon Park on Monday Kreuzer would be fit, given the 12-day break between games.

Season preview: Carlton

“Kreuz will play,” Curnow said.

"He’s incredibly brave. He’s played with a lot of injuries in the past. He’ll be fine and fresh and ready to go.

"It was a tough ankle roll and he’s recovered well. He’s already running around. He’s a seasoned veteran and a true professional.

“He’s also a bit of a beast and he loves playing his mate (Richmond captain Trent) Cotchin, so he’ll be out there throwing his body around, no doubt.”

Kreuzer and Cotchin played together at the Northern Knights in the TAC Cup and were drafted at No.1 and 2 respectively in 2007.The Blues big man finished third in the best and fairest last year behind Marc Murphy and was nominated in the Virgin Australia All Australian squad of 40.

Curnow tipped a couple of possible Carlton debutants to face the Tigers.

“I think Paddy (Dow) is definitely a really good chance. It’s obviously up to the coaches,” Curnow said.

“Matt Kennedy has come across from GWS and has had a great pre-season, so he’s probably another.”

Dow was drafted with the third selection last year and has impressed as a classy onballer who can burst away from the contest and kick goals.

Kennedy was traded at the end of 2017 for No.28 in the NAB AFL Draft, which the Giants used on key defender Sam Taylor. At 188cm, Kennedy offers a big body to win contested football and help the likes of Patrick Cripps and Marc Murphy.

He managed 16 games last season before being dropped after round 21 on the eve of the Giants’ finals campaign.

Former Cat Darcy Lang is dealing with an ankle injury.

“I think he’s still got to prove his fitness. Darce is training well, he looks super fit,” Curnow said.