Fark carlton


Courageous? He’s no Hodgey.



To be fair, the journo* put a direct quote in ironic single quotation marks.
Friggin’ hilarious, if you ask me.

Edit: *or Essendon supporting sub-editor.


They are cactus without him, not a lot of depth from memory.


Ha, the AFL have different style guides for quote marks in articles and headlines. Or someone stuffed up.


Haha Silvagni dumped aswell as their gun recruit Kennedy


■■■■ carlton


Post of the year.


l am worried. l picked them to win this week.


It’s interesting that the media saying that Blues don’t really have a spot for Silvagni

He’s that in between size as a fwd and not particular quick or have the endurance to outrun similar size opponent.

If Blues play 3 talls (Curnow one of) then they need 3 smalls around them.

Silvagni will need to reinvent himself in the way Langford has seemingly been groomed to do in midfield … or perhaps across HBF


New to the board. and saw this thread hasn’t been posted in for 15 days.
fark carlton


Quality bump


Couldn’t have started your journey here in a better way, … well played.

Kudos, and welcome.


Wecome and ■■■■ carlton



■■■■ carlton


I kind of want to head to the Carlton forums to enjoy the meltdown. But I’m worried about the karma.


If their abject sh*tness can make you feel even a little bit better, then do it.
Enjoy yourself :sunglasses:


correct, the karma bus will hit us tomorrow.

anyway i’ve always said, mocking carlton is literally the football worlds equivalent of putting someone else down to make yourself feel better about your own inadequacies.

not exactly great when you consider we may well only be 1 game ahead of them come tomorrow arvo. not exactly a high pedastal to be looking down on anyone really.



Hate their Kreuuuuuzzzzzeerrr thing they do.



And the Christou thing. It was ■■■■■■ chronic.


■■■■ carlton yes but thats not as bad as bruuuuuuuuuuuest