Fark carlton


Adam Cooney


Flowering flowers.


13 wins out of 44 under Bolton, thought they were supposed to be on the up?


Statistically, that result means they are.

Edit: Fark Carlton


I liked this one from TalkingCarlton:

We used to inspire fear and loathing.
Now the only time people fear and loathe us is when our games are scheduled for FTA broadcast.


Fark the Karma Bus

I’d rather mock Carlton than one of the smaller Victorian clubs.

Arrogant club that used its privilege to get an unfair advantage for decades.

Fark Carlton

Fark 1999

Fark Juddy’s Environmental Ambassador role

Fark John Elliot

Craig Bradley should have been a Bomber but wasn’t

Fark Craig Bradley

Fark Sticks, the goofy sounding tool

Fark Justin Murphy

Fark Fraser Brown


Carlton are too ■■■■ now for me to even care almost feel sorry for them lols


I shudder to think how many of those 13 were against us
If we don’t bury these ■■■■■■ by 100pts this year I’ll be fuming


Fark Carlton and fark their sympathisers and collaborators.


Loathing - not in question.

Fear - Really?? When??



Are these ■■■■■■ relegated to the VFA yet?


Legit can only remember 1 outside the top up year? That wet game last season


And never forget we beat them in the top up year.
Fark carlton.


This so much.
Fark them to hell. Wouldn’t care if they folded or got moved to Tasmania


Hey … Tasmanians would.


Yeah sorry about that, NZ it is then :laughing:


Always said that if they folded, I would pay money to go see their last game. Just so I could boo them off the field one last time.


Just sacrifice the whole club to ISIS


Fark Carlton