Fark carlton



Never ever feel sorry for those scum bags


Judd getting grilled about Fark Carlton on Footy Classified. Delicious!


They need to fold, currently a joke.


Poor @Allblack


What part of ‘almost’ do people not understand lols


Yeah maybe you’re right & that game last year still bites so much it feels like they’ve pulled more one out of their ■■■■ against us
Still want to beat them by 100 this year if we’re serious
Look what North just did to them


Does anyone know if Fatman still follows the Scum or did he realise the error of his ways?


I think the last time we gave Carlton a proper flogging was in 09 won that game by 69 points Andrew Lovett kicking 4 from memory and Tayte Pears gave Fevola a bath.

Never forget the goal where he tapped the ball in front of him and then soccerd it of the ground mid air.


Round 3 2014 we beat them by 81.

I’m pretty sure that’s the game that gave us the beautiful Murphy gif when Hibberd tried to tackle him


I really should revisit the replay of that one. Farking Carlton never gets old.

Unfortunately watching games with blokes like Ryder, Carlisle and Hibberd running around in the red & black just kinda cheeses me off these days sadly…


Ship em off to tassie?


Get farked!


Great game. Think we only really got away late in too.


never get sick of this


Haha wtf was Murphy thinking.


I think 2009 was the one where Robert Walls and Tim Lane were commentating, then we had After the Game with Andrew Maher, Sam Lane and Dave Hughes.And none of them were too happy! I have a feeling Jordan Bannister’s dad plonked a grand on those ■■■■■ to win by 10 goals. Munch on that one, Wayne!

Also “Bandit at 9 o’clock and he’s wearing orange boots” as Reimers snagged one.


Miss watching Andy deystorying fark Carlton


Isn’t there a gif of Myers brushing him aside as well?


Remiers and Lovett always toremented Carlton haha