Fark carlton


afl to appeal the findings against the curnows


fine too big for them? fitzpatrick ask for them to be exonerated instead?


It’s Wednesday.
Clubs have to name their teams tomorrow at 6:30pm (or earlier).
They just had a full tribunal hearing.

I’m not saying they’re wrong, but you can’t suspend players for this round now, that’s messed up.
If you might appeal then do the hearings on Monday night.


Heaven forbid the Tribunal or MRP should lose their coin.
Or the umpires for that matter.


most heartbreaking losses for me
99 1 pt prelim loss to blues, when we were best team in the comp
96 1 pt prelim loss when we were better team than sydney, but they just went the fist. But with injuries would have limped into GF.
then 01 GF loss to Lions.


'83 GF (for the embarrassment)
2001 GF
1981 EF (we could have won the flag)
1996 PF
Then probably Round 4 1980 vs St Kilda

I’m weird.
1999 doesn’t bother me as much.
The next year we went 21-1 and won the flag.


Non-issue; the AFL have quite a few times approved players to play who weren’t in the original squad/emergencies.

But I’d prefer they fine Fark Carlton for either naming suspended players, or playing someone from outside the original team release.

Fark the Baby Blue Powders.


I think your point is a technical one.
Mine is that if the AFL may appeal then they need to hear the case on Monday.




How did we lose to this rabble!

Fark me!


Let’s face it, we were shit) last week, not they are good.


I’m still hurting over it.

They should be -0-9


And so were our player’s til they came out yesterday, I have no doubt it stung them very much.

IMO however bad we feel the players would feel it more.


And we most likely face another winless team in Brisbane.


They go down the highway to Geelong next week…


The response yesterday was excellent.

I hope they continue to show spirit for the rest of the year.


We should be 4-5


Unfortunately we haven’t learnt anything from last year in that regard.

If we win the next two then we can start believing again but its a long shot.

I will be happy if we find the right mix of players and settle them in their positions for the remainder of the year.



If you wanted to torture Essendon supporters, you would replay the FCFC game today to them. Fark me we were very very very ordinary to lose to these germs.