Fark carlton



People forget that we still had 10 more scoring shots and on the receiving end of some terrible umpiring

Not saying that we deserved to win, but it wouldn’t have taken much to beat that ■■■■ stain of a club


The evidence suggests it wouldn’t have taken much to absolutely thrash them… which is the infuriating bit.


Unless we win the next 10 straight I cannot live with the fark carlton loss inspired us, kicked us into gear.
So 9 more wins to go, otherwise I’m still mad.


From adversity greatness will come.


Do you mean we’ll get Cripps in the trade period?


They had 6 x 100 point losses in their first 138 years and have now had 8 in their last 16 years.
Burn in hell you bunch of carnts just FOAD.


This man speaks for me.


And me.


For all of us I dare say


Thank ■■■■ they beat Hawthorn


My hatred for FCFC is unparalleled and unequalled.

I most desire it’s extinction from life.

I wish to dance on the ashes of it home, toast it’s demise and drink to its destruction.

I wish to name my next child after the person responsible for doing this. And pledge to regale it’s destruction with my children and their children and the generations that follow.

If I were to stand for the board, my friends, I give you this pledge.


Marry Me


Unfortunately, on this, my husband and i are united.


Careful with running those stats - need to check against the EFC records


Fark Carlton’s loss on the weekend broke the tie between us and them for 100 point losses.
They are now infront 14-13 and we have only had 5 in the last 25 years


The season is yet young, comrade.






If we miss the finals because they rolled us…



Still filthy about losing to this spud factory… no 100 point loss is going to help that… ok maybe a little bit