Fark carlton


Would be hilarious if the loss to Carlton turns our season around and we make a charge up the ladder.

Carlton can brag all season about thier win against Essendon while us supporters get the last laugh and look down on that pathetic excuse of a footy club.


Do we get a second bite at them this year?

100 redemption win + making finals, could make up for it

EDIT: We don’t - fark that


Great to see Big Jack’s legacy is still alive and well.
Once again l make the call, ‘Get Jack Back,’ he hasn’t finished the job yet.


I agree. Normally Carlton losing to Melbourne by 107 points would leave me smiling all week, but all it does this time is make me even more shat off that we couldn’t play well enough to beat them at all.


While being rolled by fark carlton hardly filled me with joy, in a year of few wins, I’d rather get over Geelong than fark carlton.


Wash your mouth out with soap reboot :smile:


What … again!


Nope, Reboot is correct.
Beating Geelong in the manner that we did with ALL of Danger, Selwood, Ablett and Tomahawk playing was sweet as.

I couldn’t give a flying fat rats clacker about losing to Carlton.
They are irrelevant regardless, and it brought us the rock bottom that we needed to experience, in order to turn things around.


Nah I’m agreeing with the others. I would have gathered smashed carlton by 100 and lose to cats by 5 goals instead of what happened. We are not better than geelong, regardless if we beat them. All the geelong game did was frustrate us more (though winning is nice)




I mean, I’d rather have won both, has anyone chosen that option yet?


The wall - it is too high…


Win two games in a row? You want the lid off thread buddy


Knives are out for SOS. Carlton fans questioning the trading-in of so many GWS duds.


It’s kinda funny that SOS gave fark Carlton the inside running on all GWSs kids - and he pillaged half their list - and STILL probably none of them are as good as Stewart & Smith…



We also went after Marchbank who is good but in the end he chose them. And we have Ridley and Francis now so sorted in that department.


Jake Niall calling for the AFL to give Fark Carlton draft assistance. Fark Carlton!




Their problems are all self inflicted. Should be penalised for wasting resources if anything.

And Niall is a muppet.


How the hell have they got another friday night game this coming week?
Will tune in only to watch them get slaughtered by sydney.