Fark carlton


From the AFL website:

"Incredibly, the Blues are now the least successful Victorian club this century. Since the start of the 2000 season, a year after the club had made the Grand Final and a year in which it was to make a preliminary final, Carlton has played 417 matches for just 157 wins (37.65%).

In the same period, Melbourne has played 415 games for 158 wins (38.07%). "


Still won more finals than us


Could explain why NRL ahead on TV ratings.


Since the start of the 2000 season? I HIGHLY doubt it.


No, since 2004.

Since 2000 we have won 8 finals, carlton 4


Some of the greatest AFL spin in quite some time. Carlton have a league-high 4 Friday night games this year because Anzac Day was on a Wednesday.


Punished for bad governance?


Mockbuster, very good


Because carlton are so active on Anzac Day???


Losing to Carlton was a strategic move by the club. Under no circumstances do we want their coach sacked.


yeah, because the draw is so fair that you just had to let that “quirk” occur.


Hurry up and just fold already.
The Tassie Blooooooss has a nice ring about it


I mean it’s self explanatory isn’t it?

  1. Anzac Day is on a Wednesday
  2. ???
  3. Give Carlton 4 Friday night games in Season 2018


And here I just thought the AFL figured carlton must eventually get better.

Now I see their logic patterns so much more makes sense now.


You forgot “4. Profit!”

Which is pretty surprising, for the AFL.


Fark that! They are good people down there and don’t deserve that crap foisted on them.
Maybe Adelaide could add to the pile of steamers they already have.
Or maybe Fraser Island needs a team.


Gabo Island Blues


Not according to some on this forum.


What has Tassie done to deserve those turds?


Manus Island Blues ™