Fark carlton


Apologies: Fark Manus Island Blues ™


Hope they play well and make it a contest no one wants to watch a lop sided match on a Friday night


Afghanistan ■■■■ Carlton Blues.


This isn’t restricted to fark Carlton, but I find a 15-20 goal margin more fascinating than a 5-8 goal margin.
I’ll watch just to see how bad it can get.


me too


Liam Jones has had several 'mares recently. But no doubt this week thinking about being obliterated by Buddy.
Last time it was 10 goals.

For Buddy the 'mare is if he gets upstaged by Ronke


Seeing as though they are a right bunch of carnts it seems apt for them to have a map of Tassie printed on the front of their guernseys. The Fark Carlton Mappas!


Yeah, send em to Canberra…


Get ■■■■■■. This place is bad enough without those ■■■■■.


You’ll have a couple of years to move


Harsh on Afghanistan.


You know I was about to say “what good people are there at carlton?” Then I realised you’re talking about tassie


They’ll flood the backline and aim to stay within 6 goals


The Carlton muppets have been thrashed by Freo. They have only won one game. Against Essendon. Fcs.


Managed to do that in the first quarter, and again in the second.


Blooos = double extra, super. very putrid.


This Carlton side is stacked with youth but far too many question marks over how much quality.

A lot has to go right for them to challenge for a flag any time soon.

Essendon have been rubbish for a long time but at least we are competitive, Carlton are a basket case.

I’m shocked the coach isn’t getting more heat.


They really are in a category of their own regarding lack of success post introduction of the salary cap.

I suppose it goes to show that they always had a questionable culture and that there was a very strong link between on field success and $$$.

Not that we can talk but as stated above they are in a category of their own.


We are also in a category of our own.

The only team that lies down against them.


We are a charitable bunch, that’s for sure.