Fark carlton


It seems we no longer live in a society judged by success or failures, judged more by perception of controlled narratives.

He who owns the information, controls the narrative, just ask any newsagent.

I’d rather have two narratives in the hand, than one informant in the bush


Bolton spouting the ‘we’re a young side’ dribble

Fremantle were younger in age and had less games expereience than them yesterday, don’t travel well and are reknown for kicking low scores and they still beat carlton




Fold or relocate.

What are you talking about. I want them to stay right where they are, bringing misery to all that follow them. Why on earth do people want to give them mercy.


TBF to Bolton, there wasn’t a lot else he could say.

Is this his fault, is the players fault, is it the assistants, is the recruiters, whose fault is the mess that Carlton is? Is it all of the above?

Who cares? FC


We can laugh and bag the ■■■■ out of Carlton but at the end of the day we lost them and it looks like we will be thier only win


They beat us! Their first win of 2018

Still in shock not about the loss but knew it was going to happen.


The loss to them is a sackable offense.


has anyone mentioned that carlton beat essendon this year?


Knowing weeks out in advance we were going to loose to them and walk into it knowing is a sackable offence.


Yeah and thier only win can’t see them beating anyone else


That game sealed any chance of a second half of the year fight back to make our 2018 finals campaign still alive.


Carlton pulled out the same playbook that they used to beat us last year you think our coaching staff would have changed but nope.


Well they did sack someone did they not?


Would have been 6-7 right now


Anabelle & Nimo talking to themselves again…


And now Deckham


Where’s Donnington?


You potentially could get 7 wins after the bye with momentum but that extra game 8 does add a lot of pressure to any errors so look forward to 2019


Pumping weights