Fark carlton


fold and die scum

When a team as low scoring as freo kick a 100+ points against you on your home ground, you know your rubbish.


Move them to Adelaide.


Merge them with Port, then my two most hated teams will be one entity.


Merge them with Melbourne, call the new entity Melton and move them out there.


Walls sticking the knife in, particularly into the list management at the club. But Sos is Carlton royalty. Surely must be immune from criticism, let alone sacking


Carlton’s plight like StKilda’s mostly comes down to recruiting - Development only goes so far with limited talent - In saying that, Carlton has more top end talent than StKilda, so if they nail the next two drafts they’ll be OK - Stkilda needs more luck.


I still say Tassie is the go.
Having a guernsey with a map of Tasmania printed on the front is apt for those bunch of carnts


To be fair to him, he’s juggling two roles, both coaching this struggling club, bringing through tons of kids and still trying to find improvement - and his other job, where he wears a sequinned jumpsuit and gets shot from a cannon.


carlton supporters losing their sh-t at halftime yesterday


See, I think that your post proves that Adelaide is the place for them. A backwater trapped in the past. Where the fark, apart from Adelaide it would seem, do you find a map of Tassie these days?


It’s a nice thought thinking about how much Carlton’s ineptness would be irking this ■■■■.


Let’s not forget Tim and Sam Lane, Fitzpatrick, Maclure, Kernahan and sundry other douches.




Hughesy, Andy Maher, most of Melbourne’s underworld


I’m still filthy that they beat us but I take solace in knowing how ■■■■ they are.

Fark Carlton


They are in a world of hurt they won’t see any kind of success in years


Wait this game was in Melbourne?! Hahaha


yeah - Fark Carlton.

But we play Fremantle, Round 18, Saturday, July 21 at Etihad. Let’s see how we do.


ahh, just the tonic for a monday morning


Andrew McKay, boss of footy Dept (not sure on proper title) - Gone