Fark carlton


Shame. They may get someone competent now.


Was that the same guy we brought in to consult for us on the appointment of head coach?


I doubt that this is their Neeld moment.


No, it’ll be when they hire Neeld to replace McKay


fark carlton


Is that arsehat Neil Craig still at FC?


No. He’s working with Eddie Jones and the English rugby side



Another great idea by PJ.



(tempered somewhat as we may well give them their only win of the year)


26k to Simpson’s 300th game.

Their fans are giving up

Good huh?


And thankfully, Marc Murphy has signed for another 2 years.


Carlton have basically traded Pick 2 in arguably the strongest draft in years to keep a player who is now injury prone, 30 and will not play any part in their next premiership tilt. Love it!! #FarkCarlton


Not sure anyone they could use that Pick 2 on would be part of that tilt either.


Hope they beat Gold Coast do want us to be their only win


I hope Gold Coast flog them by 100 points.

Fark Carlton


This is what I thought as well. With his years of service, B&F finishes and the fact he is captain would have put him as a mid first round selection even accounting for the fact that his contract and his new club wouldn’t have been that much
Stunning decision


True Fark Carlton decision. Love it, really setting themselves up with that youth policy


I reckon they’ll win another one for sure before the year is out. They’ve got Brisbane, St Kilda, Gold Coast still to come. Plus a few others where they’d be a sneaky chance


I seriously wonder at times whether you are actually an Essendon supporter


in what world would Murphy get pick 2 as FA compensation. He would get 500 x 2 in the best scenario which is probably a 2nd round or 3rd pick.