Fark carlton


I thought they would factor in his B&F finishes and his current contract. Dont forget it’s the same world that have Melbourne pick 3 for Frawley


Only $500k you reckon?

Kidding yourself. He’d be on $800k+ at Blues and clubs who were after him would have been shelling out plenty.

Motlop got $600k+ and he’s nowhere near the player Murphy is.

If he was 3yrs at $800k it would have been top notch compo. They’ve cost themselves with him staying but they wouldn’t see it that way since they need experience there.


I must admit I have never warmed to this fark carlton slogan and TBH find it a bit offensive. I mean it’s spelt with a u FFS.

Furk Carlton!


Did the *lues kickstart our season? Have hardly looked back since.


Motlop is around 5 years younger than Murphy - Assuming my figures are right about Murphy as yours are about Motlop, then based on the compensation geelong got for Motlop, then a second or third rounder for Murphy is on the mark.


Ahhh you nearly got me before reading the next line. Lol.
Fkn instaban for anything less than fark carlton, and I’m really extra despising Robert walls today so FK that guy.


Motlop was reported as $500k per year over 4 years. He was 26 at the time of moving.
Murphy would be 31. There is no chance Murphy would get $800k per year at that age, plus he wouldn’t get a 4 year deal.

Geelong got an end of first round pick which was generally consider overs. At best Carlton would have got a second round pick after their own second round pick.


I reckon he would be at Carlton as captain. Which would be why he likely chose to stay over offers elsewhere despite lure of flag.


Reckon he’d be on 7 - 8.


Yep, I would be surprised if the captain and one of their better players isn’t on at least 7 at a minimum.

Who else would they be paying down there.


Don’t forget the AFLs ‘mystery formula’ for working out FA compo is entirely at their discretion. A first round compo pick for losing Murphy to FA is way more palatable than a charity compo pick for FC being a rabble.


In that case I wish we had played them first round.


I heard he was giving up the captaincy to Cripps next year?

Oops nearly forgot: Fark Carlton


You can’t use the Motlop pick as comparison for anything.

That was the Gary Ablett component pick. As in the AFL engineered a way that Gold Coast would get compo for Ablett, via that Motlop pick.


Good point: Fark Gil and his corrupt mates!


48 games straight without scoring 100 points.


another spoon coming up for these ■■■■■


Hi Carlton. Thanks for giving us the kick up the bum to get our season back on track. Also please continue to fail miserably forever. its the next best thing after a Bombers win.


Carlton are Fitzroy levels bad


Hey Murph

You just signed up for two more years of this ■■■■
No sure who’s the dumber, you or Fark Carlton

BTW in case you missed it FARK CARLTON